What is Blabbi?

Blabbi is a tabletop party game. Use crosswords to come up with made-up words with convincing definitions based on topic cards, judged by your friends. Check out the complete rules here.

How many players can play?

Blabbi is made for 2-8 players, but encouraged to be played with any number of players in casual mode.Casual mode can be played without scoring with any number of players – just come up with a word and definition to impress the crowd. You could have teams of players come up with words together, or even tag in for guest words if a friend wants to jump in. Play however you like!

What ages is Blabbi best for?

Blabbi is best for players 12+, but people of all ages can play if they have a bit of imagination.

How long does Blabbi take to play?

Full Blabbi games usually take 45-60 minutes to play. Casual mode can be shorter or longer, depending on what everyone’s vibes are.

Do I have to be a creative genius or skilled orator to play Blabbi?

Not at all! The beauty of Blabbi is that it’s all about having the time of your life – there’s no rules to how to come up with your word and definition. Feel free to tap into what you’re best at: whether that’s wordplay, history, impressions, pop culture references, acting, or anything really. Find your strength and use that to sell your word in.

Are there any tips for coming up with words

Our two biggest tips are to 1. think of something that sounds like a real word 2. read your audience.The easiest way to come up with a word is put together something that sounds like a real word, and then misspelling it or combining it with another word. Next, pick one of your topic cards that you could find a loose connection to and continue from there.Secondly, Blabbi is a game of persuasion. The best way to win the crowd is to know what your audience responds best to. Are they a logical crowd that likes realistic etymology or history? Or are they a goofy crowd that loves a good pun or niche joke?

Where can I buy Blabbi?

Blabbi can be bought on our online store. Pre-sales are open now, with the first shipments coming soon. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated!

When will Blabbi be available?

We’re working on new shipments! Sign up for our mailing list for the latest updates.

Will there be an online version of Blabbi?

It’s top secret, but we’re working on something really special! Stay on top of our mailing list for updates.

Can I sell Blabbi at my own retail store?

Perhaps! We’re always looking for new tastemaker retail partners. You can inquire about wholesale at retail@blabbigames.com

Are there other languages for Blabbi?

We only have English for now, but we may plan to have other languages if there is a demand. Let us know!

How do I reach you if I have an issue with my order?

You can reach us at help@blabbigames.com for any questions with your order.

Where is Blabbi made?

Blabbi was conceived and designed in New York City, USA and manufactured in Guangzhou, China.